Ziqiang Blow Molding Machine & Mould Co., Ltd.
Taizhou City Liyangpackage Co; Ltd
Zhejiang Kejia Mould Base Manufacturing CO.,LTD
National Butter & Oil MFG Co.
Sawa Plastic
  • Sawa Plastic
  • Main Products:I need PET JAR machine and mould
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Pakistan]
TEKWELL Machinery Co., Ltd
  • TEKWELL Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Main Products:manufacturer for injection molding machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [China/Guangdong]
  • Nihat DISPENCE
  • Main Products:Semi-Automatic Blow Molding Machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Turkomen]
Jason mould &plastic industry co.,ltd
  • Jason mould &plastic industry co.,ltd
  • Main Products:medical, household,commercial, agricultural,office supplies,industries etc.
  • (Manufacturer,Trading Company)  [Not sure]
  • [China/Zhejiang]
MNM Development
  • MNM Development
  • Main Products:48 cav Pet Preform Injection Molding Machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Pakistan]
Kaon Brewery
  • Kaon Brewery
  • Main Products:spare parts for the semi automatic blow machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Bolivia]
tabarak up-to-date solutions
algeal,co Ltd
  • algeal,co Ltd
  • Main Products:Pehenlic molding compounds
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Russia]
Fiber and Glass
  • Fiber and Glass
  • Main Products: blow molding machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Egypt]
ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited
  • ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited
  • Main Products:feeder/feeder parts, nozzle/nozzle holder/nozzle shaft, laser sensor, servo motor, driver, controller board, solenoid valve, ball screw, belt, cable, sensor etc.
  • (Trading Company)  [Not sure]
  • [China/Guangdong]
Laiwu Jingcheng Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd.
Global Shoes and Plastics PLC
  • Global Shoes and Plastics PLC
  • Main Products:Aluminium Product Material and Fashion EVA + Rubber Sandal Sole Mould For Men Product eva slipper printing machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Ethiopia]
Aco Injection Mold Manufacturer
  • Aco Injection Mold Manufacturer
  • Main Products:injectin mold, plastic mold, mold maker, plastic injection moulding
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [China/Guangdong]
  • Main Products:e injection machine and blow PET machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [Finland]
  • thermospray
  • Main Products:moulding machine
  • (Manufacturer)  [Not sure]
  • [United Arab Emirates]
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