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Looking for Products and Suppliers

If you want to find a product, or the suppliers who produce that product, you can either use our search function or browse by category.

Find Products
Click on the "Products" button at the top of any page. Browse products by navigating through industries. Find Products Now

Find Companies
Click on the "Companies" button at the top of any page. Browse companies listed by industry. Find Companies Now

Find by searching

1. Choose a search type from the pull-down list, i.e. Selling Leads, Buying Leads, Products, or Companies.


2. Enter a product name or company name in the search box, and then click on "Search".

3. View the results page. You can check your interested items and send an inquiry once to suppliers just by pressing "Contact now".

Search Tips

1. Spell correctly.
2. The more specific the keywords, the less the search results.
3. Try different names of a product.
4. Search in all categories, compared to just in one category.
5. Avoid generic words, especially those bearing multiple meanings.
6. Choose more specific keywords when necessary.

Contacting Suppliers

Sending Inquiries

You can send inquiries to sellers you find through browse or search. Use these steps:

1. Select the checkbox beside each product or supplier you are interested in.
2. Click "Contact now" or "Send Inquiry" button.
3. Complete the inquiry form and submit.
4. If you check more than one product or supplier, your inquiries will be sent to these suppliers simultaneously.
5. Once you send out your inquiry, it will probably take sellers a few days to respond. Their replies will be sent to your Message Center in My Office.
6. Also you can find out other contact information from this supplier, sending the email or calling them directly.

Posting Buying Leads

A Buying Lead is a purchase request posted by a buyer. Essentially, it is an invitation to suppliers to send their quotes regarding a certain product or product range. Post a Buying Lead if you cannot find the products you want to source on MouldsNet.COM. Most suppliers do not post their entire inventory, so tell suppliers what you want and let the right suppliers come to you.

How can I post buying leads?

1. Sign in with your ID and password.
2. Click Post Trade Leads in the Trade Leads section (at the left side of My Office).
3. Choose the trade type of Buy.
4. Complete the form and click "Submit".
5. Your trade leads will be listed on MouldsNet.COM after they are approved in one business day or less.

Click here to Post a Buying Lead if you have signed in.