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Posting Selling Leads and Products

A Selling Lead is a Trade Lead posted by a supplier. It can contain product information, availability, timelines and more. Trade Leads are sorted according to the date they are posted.
Displaying your product images, specifications and descriptions on MouldsNet.COM increases your exposure to buyers. On MouldsNet.COM, free members can display up to 20 products and premium members can display more products.

Posting Selling Leads

1. Sign in with your ID and password.
2. Click Post Trade Leads in the Trade Leads section (at the left side of My Office).
3. Choose the trade type of Sell.
4. Complete the form and click "Submit".
5. Your trade leads will be listed on MouldsNet.COM after they are approved in one business day or less.

Posting Products

It is similar to post a trade lead, but a product images is required.
It is recommended to post the products first,then using the Copy As Sell to post a selling leads easily.


Looking for Buyers

Though most buyers prefer to look for products and suppliers through searches and browsing, almost a third of them would rather publish buying Trade Leads to let sellers find them. As a seller, you can search the buying trade leads posted by those buyers and send instant quotations:

Method 1: Search Buyers Yourself
1. Choose the search type of "By Buying Leads".

2. Enter a product name in the search box, and then click on "Search".

3. View the results page to find the right buyers.

Method 2: View the Latest Buying Leads page.

In the middle of homepage, you can find the Offer To Buy section, it list the latest posted buying leads, click "more..." button to view more.


Contacting Buyers

As a supplier, you can view Buying Leads posted by buyers and send quotations accordingly by clicking the "Send Inquiry" button beside each lead. Buyer responses will be sent to your Message Center in My Office.

All Buying Leads are available only to premium members for the first 7 days. Many buyers also allow only paid members to see their detailed information and make contact.


How to get more inquires?

Upgrading the quality of trade leads and products

1.Using refined and general topic, highlight the advantage of your company and products.
2.Introducing your products particularly, help buyers know the high quality of your products completely.
3.Equipped with exquisite product images, ensure buyers know the product's appearance.
4.Updating your products and trade leads regularly, ensure listing your information at more priority position.

Promoting company information completely and accurately

1.Posting company information completely;
2.Ensure the correctness of your Telephone number, Fax number, Email address and Mobile phone number.
3.Choosing a suitable category when promoting your company.