Tianchi Ln2 Container 15L

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  • Brand:TIANCHI
  • Unit Price:10.00¥/piece
  • Order:1 piece
  • Total supply:1000 piece
  • Location:China Henan
  • Shipment deadine:Long-term
  • Last updated:2018-05-04 19:18
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Product Description
Tianchi Ln2 Container 15L

YDS series Ln2 Container is suitable for storage and transportation of liquid nitrogen. With a cover to prevent evaporation, good thermal insulation, strong and unbreakable. The liquid nitrogen tank has a model specially designed for liquid nitrogen for the user to choose.

The liquid nitrogen tank must be installed in the wooden frame to be cushioned and fixed during transportation. The tanks should be separated from the tanks with a filler to prevent bumps and prevent dumping. 
When loading and unloading trucks, the liquid nitrogen tanks should be strictly prevented from colliding, and they must not be dragged on the ground to avoid reducing the service life of liquid nitrogen tanks.
[Company: Henan Tianchi Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.]
Liquid nitrogen tanks are classified into liquid nitrogen tanks and liquid nitrogen tanks.
Storage tanks are mainly used for indoor storage of liquid nitrogen, should not be used for long-distance transport in the working state; liquid nitrogen transport tanks to meet the transport conditions, made a special earthquake-proof design. In addition to being stored for standing, it can also be transported under liquid nitrogen conditions, but it should also avoid violent collisions and vibrations.
When the liquid nitrogen tank is not in use, it should be rinsed with clean water, drained, blown dry with a blower, and left to stand at room temperature. After the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is volatilized, the remaining missing material quickly melts and becomes a liquid substance attached to the inner bladder. This will cause corrosion of the aluminum alloy inner liner.
If a hollow is formed, the liquid nitrogen tank will be scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to scrub the can after the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is exhausted. The
Liquid nitrogen tank (liquid nitrogen biological container) Product composition: outer gallbladder, liner, neck pipe, insulation material, suction nozzle, lifting tube and other components.

Tianchi Ln2 Container 15L
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