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20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,



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  • Place of Origin: China
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  • location: China
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Information on this page is provided for you by HENAN HZZ IRON & STEEL CO., LTD“20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,”Product information, if you want to know more about“20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,”Price, manufacturers, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message to the manufacturer。
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20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,

On hot selling vessel steel plate 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,A533M,A588 1. Grade: SPV235,SPV315,SPV355 SPV410,SPV450,SPV490 SGV410,SGV450,SGV480 SBV1A,SBV1B,SBV2,SBV3 SEV245,SEV295,SEV345 H I,H II,10CrMo910,15Mo3 13CrMo44,19Mn6 BHW35,13MnNiMo54 1Cr0.5Mo,2.25Cr1Mo 1.25Cr0.5Mo.(S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2) (S)A662M(Gr.A,B,C) (S)A302M(Gr.A,B,C,D),(S)A737M(Gr.B,C) (S)A738M(Gr.A,B,C) ,(S)A533M(I,II) 2. Delivery time: 20--40 days 3. Delivery State: Hot rolled ,Normalizing , Tempering , Normalizing plus Tempering ,Quenching and Tempering , other delivery states. 4. Specifications(T*W*L): 8--300 mm* 1500-3900mm * 3000--18000 mm 5. Adopting standards: GB713,GB6645,GB3531,GB150 JIS G3103,JIS G3115,JIS G3118,JIS G3119,JIS G3124 DIN17155 ASTM,ASME EN10028-2 NFA36-205 BS1501 6. Payment item: T/T,L/C 7. Trading item: FOB, CIF, CFR , CNF We promise that we will provide the best quality,the most competitive price,the most fast delivery and the best service to vast customers. We sincerely expect vast customers inquire and purchase Wuyang steel wide-heavy plates. Best regards to you and your family.
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Company HENAN HZZ IRON & STEEL CO., LTD Business modelManufactur
Registered capitalUnfilled Year Established
LocationChina Business TypeManufactur (Manufactur)
BondPaid0.00 Yuan
Main businessSupplementary Material / Mould Steel  , Supplementary Material / Molding Material  , 
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The current page is the 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,price information display. The20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,wholesale price, 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,quote and other related information displayed on this page are provided by the company itself. 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,Price authenticity, accuracy, legality It is the sole responsibility of all the companies in the store. MouldsNet.COMdoes not assume any guarantee responsibility for this.
It is recommended that you confirm the final price by calling20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,'s contact information and request a 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,sample to confirm the product quality. If the price of 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,is too low, it may be false information. Please confirm the authenticity of 20g, (S)A537M(GL.1,CL.2),(S)A662MGrA,(S)A302MGr.D,, and beware of being deceived.