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1500W Modify Charger Inverter



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  • Place of Origin: China Guangdong
  • Delivery period: 30 Shipped within days
  • Total Supply: 2000 Pieces
  • Business model: Manufacturer,Trading Company
  • Registered capital: unfilled
  • Business Type: Manufacturer(Manufacturer,Trading Company)
  • Main products: power inverter, solar charge controller, solar panel, battery
  • location: China/Guangdong
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Information on this page is provided for you by Guangzhou Queenswing Solar Energy Co., Limited“1500W Modify Charger Inverter”Product information, if you want to know more about“1500W Modify Charger Inverter”Price, manufacturers, please contact the manufacturer, or leave a message to the manufacturer。
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1500W Modify Charger Inverter

1500W DC to AC Car Power Inverter Charger Inverter (QW-C1500MC)
New type power inverter, home used inverter

1. Specification
1. Rated input voltage: 12VDC
2. Rated power: 1500W
3. Peak power: 3000W
4. Charger: 12A
5. Output voltage: 220VAC 10%
6. Frequency: 50Hz 1Hz
7. Wave form: Modified sine wave
8. Actual Power: 1500W

2. All protection:
1: High voltage protection
2: Low voltage protection
3: Over load protection
4: Over temperatuer protection
5: Overcurrent protection
6: Output short-circuit protection

3. Feature:
1. High conversion efficiency, fast start.
2. Multiple protection circuit for low voltage
3. Direct Cigarette lighter connection
4. Smart, light, easy for carry
5. Universal socket, suitable for all kinds of plugs
6. Portable size power inverter
7. With the multiple protection circuit, no harm to equipments
8. High-precision voltage stability technology

4. The operating principle of the inverter
It is one process that from low voltage direct current convert into high voltage alternating current

5. Application:
Wind generation, solar panel, home, office, car, board and some place that lack electricity. Ideally suitable for Journeys, Camping, Tents, Boat Trip, Working on the way and everywhere, where is no electricity!

<1>Office equipment series: Computers, Printers, Copiers, Scanners, digital camera, etc.
<2>Household appliances series: Vacuum cleaners, Fans, Lighting, Electric cutting knife, Television, Sewing machines, Electric fans, AC, etc.
<3>Kitchen utensils series: Microwave ovens, Freezers, Coffee machines, Blenders, induction cooker, etc.
<4>Electronics Series: TV, VCR, Game consoles, Radios, Power amplifiers, Audio equipment, Monitoring equipment, Terminal equipment, Intelligence platforms, Satellite communications equipment.
<5>In-car or on-boat devices series: Military vehicle, police cars, medical ambulance, ships, traffic lights, and etc.
<6>Industry equipments series: Solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamp and etc.
<7>1500w power inverter.

6. Outlet:
Can customize various kinds of socket for the inverter according to customer's request.

7. How is it works?
Simply connect with 12v/24v Battery as in a Car, Motorcycle, Camper or Boat and use 110v/ 220v electrical appliances.

8. FAQ:

Q1. What is the difference between a 12V, 24V and 48V inverter?
A1: A 12V can be fed from a 12V battery or DC supply. Similarly 24V and 48V inverters can be fed from 24V and 48V batteries/DC power supplies respectively. Cars usually have 12V batteries. Trucks have 24V batteries.

Q2. What is "idle power" in a DC-AC inverter?
A2: Idle power is the consumption of the inverter when it is on, but no loads are running. It is "wasted" power, so if you expect the inverter to be on for many hours during which there is very little load (as in most residential situations), you want this to be as low as possible.

Q3. How should I size my DC-AC inverter to power a water supply pump?
A3: A water well or pressure pump often places the greatest demand on the inverter. It warrants special consideration. Most pumps draw a very high surge of current during start up. The inverter must have sufficient surge capacity to handle it while running any other loads that may be on. It is important to size an inverter sufficiently, especially to handle the starting surge (If the exact starting rating is not available, the starting surge can be taken as 3 times the normal running rating of the pump). Oversize it still further if you want it to start the pump without causing lights to dim or blink. In North America, most pumps (especially submersibles) run on 240 VAC, while smaller appliances and lights use 120 VAC. To obtain 240 VAC from a 120 VAC inverter, use a 120 VAC to 240 VAC transformer. If you do not already have a pump installed, you can get a 120 volt pump if you don't need more than 1/2 HP.

If you can cooperate with us, we will be honored and you will benefit from:
L - The good construction warranty-1 years
L - Your client satisfied on the right schedule and quality
L - Your can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders
L - Our professional service before and after sale
L - The reasonable price
L - Any questions from you are welcome and will be replied in 24 hours

About us:
Guangzhou Queenswing Solar Energy Co. Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer and exporter of solar products including power inverter, solar charge controller, solar panel and solar battery in China. To provide high-quality product and considerate service is always our basic policy. We believe high quality creates business and progress is from improvement.

Main products:
Pure sine wave power inverter
Modified sine wave power inverter
UPS power inverter with charger
Car power inverter
Solar charge controller
Solar panel
Solar battery

Our power inverter and solar products are exported to most global coutries and get good reputation because of our favorable quality and stable performance.

Payment Terms:

T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
Production arranged after receipt of payment.

Lead Time:
Sample order will be delivered within 7 working days.
Order quantity below 100PCS, delivery time is 7-15 working days.
Container order will be delivered within 15-30 working days.

Courier: FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, Aramex, EMS ect.
Forwarder: By sea / air or Customer designated

Contact us get more infomations.
Skype: hanyinyan315  
E-mail: sales1@gzqueenswing.com
Web: www.gzqueenswing.com or  http://queenswing.en.made-in-china.com


Technical Parameters:

Function details:
Model 1500W with charger    
Rated Power 1500W    
peak Power 3000W    
DC input voltage 12V / 24V    
AC output voltage 110VAC / 220VAC  
AC output frequency 50Hz/60HZ
AC output waveform Modified Sine Wave
Waveform Distortion THD<2%(Linear load)
Efficiency >90%    
DC input voltage range 10V-15V or 20V-30V    
Low Voltage Protection 11V+/-0.5V or 21+/-0.5V    
Over Voltage Protection 15.5+/-0.5V    
Low Voltage Recovery 12+/-0.5V or 24+/-0.5V    
Over Voltage Recovery 15V+/-0.5V or 29V+/-0.5V    

Protective Function
Low/Over voltage: LED Red light, automatic recovery
Over load: LED ,Red light ; automatic recovery
Over temperature : LED ,Red light,;automatic recovery
Short circuit: LED ,Red light; automatic recovery
Input reverse connection: Fuse burn-out
Working Temp. –10°C_+60°C
Storage Temp. Humidity -30°C-+70°C
Dimension 230*100*60mm
Gross Weight 0.76kg
Color Silver ,black
Plug type Universal, German, UK, France, USA, Australian etc
Warranty 12 months
Supplier information
Company Guangzhou Queenswing Solar Energy Co., Limited Business modelManufacturer,Trading Company
Registered capitalUnfilled Year Established2013
LocationChina/Guangdong Business TypeManufacturer (Manufacturer,Trading Company)
BondPaid0.00 Yuan
Main businessTrading & Purchaser / Equipment Trade  , 
Main Productspower inverter, solar charge controller, solar panel, battery
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