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Zoey Liu
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  • Place of Origin: China Guangdong
  • Delivery period: 3 Shipped within days
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  • Business model: Manufacturer,Trading Company
  • Registered capital: unfilled
  • Business Type: Trading Company(Manufacturer,Trading Company)
  • Main products: We supply original new,original used and copy new SMT spare part.
  • location: China/Guangdong
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BrandPanasonic Valid untillong term effective Latest update2019-04-14 15:09


 CM602 226CS NOZZLE N610040783AA SMT Nozzle  For Panaso<em></em>nic SMT MachineCM602 226CS NOZZLE N610040783AA SMT Nozzle  For Panaso<em></em>nic SMT Machine


*100% original new from Panasonic
*offered with reasonable price
*steady supply for long term

KXFX03DGA00 Nozlle:110 50
30 KXFX037NA00 Nozlle:115A 50
31 KXFX0384A00 Nozlle:120 50
32 KXFX0385A00 Nozlle:130 50
33 KXFX0386A00 Nozlle:140 50
34 KXFX037SA00 Nozlle:1001 20
35 KXFX037TA00 Nozlle:1002 20
36 KXFX037UA00 Nozlle:1003 10
37 KXFX037VA00 Nozlle:1004 10
38 KXFX037WA00 Nozlle:1005 10
39 N610017371AC Nozlle:110S 600
40 N610017372AC Nozlle:115AS 470
41 N610017373AC Nozlle:120S 100
42 N610017375AC Nozlle:130S 20
43 KXFX0386A00 Nozlle:140S 10
44 N610017370AC Nozlle:205S 20
45 N610040786AA Nozlle:225CS 50
45 N610040787AA Nozlle:226CS 80
47 N610040788AA Nozlle:230CS 100
48 N610043815AA Nozlle:235CS 50
49 N610040853AA Nozlle:240CS 10
50 N610040782AA Nozlle:225C 20
51 N610040783AA Nozlle:226C 20
52 N610040784AA Nozlle:230C 20
53 N610043814AA Nozlle:235C 20
54 N610062681AA Nozlle:240C 20

Panasonic MSR 8x4 13in Paper
Panasonic MSR 12x8 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 16x12 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 24x12 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 24x16 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 32x12 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 32x16 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 32x24 13in Embossed
Panasonic MSR 44x24 13in Embossed


Supplier information
Company Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd Business modelManufacturer,Trading Company
Registered capitalUnfilled Year Established2012
LocationChina/Guangdong Business TypeTrading Company (Manufacturer,Trading Company)
BondPaid0.00 Yuan Data authentication  
Main businessTrading & Purchaser / Equipment Trade  , 
Main ProductsWe supply original new,original used and copy new SMT spare part.
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