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Chinese Diesel Engine parts

 We can offer diesel engine set & parts as below brands & models ( Made in China ): 
SDEC: 4JR3, C6121ZD, C6121ZLD, C6121ZG, D4114ZDB, D6114ZDB, D4114ZG, D6114ZG, D9-220, G128G, SC9DF, SC9DK, SC8DK, SC5DK, SC8DT, SC5DT, 6CL280, 6CL290, 6CL320, 6CL330, 6C215, 6C230, 6C240, 6C250, 6C260, 6C280, 4C170, 4C180, 4C200, 4C210, 4135ACa3, 6135ACa3, 6135AZ, 12V135AZLCa, D683, G128ZCaf, G128ZLCaf, 4135AZD, 6135AZD, 12V135D, 12V135ZD, G128ZD, G128ZLD. 
YUCHAI: YC6A240, YC6A260, YC6A280, YC6J110, YC6J200, YC6J220, YC6J245, YC6J180, YC6J270, YC6J190, YC6J210, YC6J230, YC6G200, YC6G220, YC6G230, YC6G240, YC6G270, YC6G300, YC6L240, YC6L260, YC6L280, YC6L310, YC6L330, YC4FA90N-30, YC4FA100N-30, YC4G180N-30, YC6112ZLC, YC6112ZLD, YC6108ZLCB, YC6A170C, YC6A190C, YC6A195C, YC6A220C, YC6108ZLCA, YC6B125, YC6B150C, YC6B160Z, YC6B165C, YC6105CA1, YC6108CA1, YC6108ZCA, YC4108ZC, YC4108CA, YC4A90-T10, YC4A90-T12, YC4A125Z-T10, YC4B85-T12, YC4B105Z-T10, YC4BA105-T10, YC4F55-T10, YC4F45Z-T10, YC4F60Z-T10, YC4108ZG, YC6108ZGB, YC6M220G, YC6M240G, YC6M320, YC6M340, YC6M360, YC6M390, YC6T375C, YC6T400C, YC6T450C, YC6T500C, YC6T480C, YC6T510C, YC6T550C, YC4D80, YC4D95Z. 
KAMA: KM170FSE, KM170FX, KM178FSE, KM178FE, KM186FA, KM186FE, KM186FSE, KM186FA/E, KM380G, KM480G, KM12DL500F, KM290FE, KG390, KG270, KG200, KG160. 
JDEC: H16V190Z, Z12V190B, G12V190ZL, 4190ZL, G8V190ZL. 
NDEC: NT6135Cz, T8138CzU, TC8138ZL, NT8138ZL, T6138ZLC, T6138CzU, T8138ZLC, NT6135ZL, S6135CzA, NT4135Cz, J6135CzA, 6135ZCa, 2135Caf, J12V135Z, NT12V135, T6138ZLD, NT6135ZD, NT6135DR, NT12V138, TC12V138, TC12V135, T12V138Z, 6135AZD, 6135AD, 6135D-3, 4135AD, 4135D-1, 2135AD, 12V135AD, T8138Czf, TC8138ZL, T6138ZLC, T6138Czf, T8138ZLC, T6135ZLC, NT6135ZC, NT6135ZL, S6135Czf, 8138ZLCz, 6135AZCa, 6135ZCaf, 6135ACaf, 6135Caf, 4135ACaf, 4135Caf, 2135ACaf, 6135ZN-1, 6135AN-1, 6135N-1, 4135AN, 4135N-1, 2135AN-1, 2135N-1, NT6135GA, NT6135GR, NT4135GR, 6135AZK, 4135AK, 2135K-1, Q12V135D, Q6135ZLD, Q6135DU, Q6135DA, Q4135DR, Q4135D1, Q4135N1, Q6135DR, Q6135DA1, Q4135DR1, Q4135DA1. 
WEICHAI POWER: WD12, WD615, WD618, TBD226B, TD226B, WT615Z280CNG, WT615Z260LPG, X6160Z, R6160A, R6160ZD, X6170Z(C)D, 8170Z(C)D, XCW6200(ZC), XCW8200(ZC), CW12V200(ZC), WP12C450, WP12C400, WP12C350. 
zichai: Z6170ZLCz, Z8170ZLCz, 6210ZLCz, 8210ZLCz, LB6250ZLCz, LB8250ZLCz, LC8250ZLCz, 6300C, 6300DZC, 8300CZ, 6N330-EN, 8N330-EN, Z6150ZLC, LC9250ZLCZ, 5210ZLCZ, 6190ZLCZ. 
ANTAI POWER: G6300ZCB, G8300ZCB, G16V300ZCB, X8320ZCB, X16V320ZCB. 
GC: 6320ZCd, 8320ZCd, 6230ZC, 8230ZC, 12KU30A, 14KU30A, 16KU30A, 18KU30A, 12V320ZD, 12V320ZCd, 6G32A, 8G32A, 9G32, 6300ZL-1, 6230ZD, 8230ZD, 6320ZD-2A, 8320ZD-2. 
Ningbo C.S.I.: G6300, G8300, G8320, 6300ZC, N6160, N8160, GN8320, DN8320. 
HONGYAN-PEAKO: 6250Z, 6250ZC/ZC1, R6250Z, A6250Z.
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Company Vnten Marine Equipment & parts Co.,ltd Business model
Registered capitalUnfilled Year Established1996
LocationChina/Fujian Business TypeTrading Company ()
BondPaid0.00 Yuan
Main businessTrading & Purchaser / Equipment Trade  , 
Main Products marine equipments & spares
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