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organic fertilizer granulator



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organic fertilizer granulator

 Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd is engaged in developing and manufacturing fertilizer production equipment set for organic fertilizer line, biological organic fertilizer line and compound fertilizer production line.
New Type Organic Fertilizer Dedicated Granulator Working Principles:
Forced by the high revolving speed and the aerodynamics it brings, raw materials can be mixed, granulated, specified and concentrated in this machine at a time. Thus, a complete granulation process is perfectly accomplished. The granules are spherical, and their sizes can be changed as long as you change the quantity of the mixed organic raw materials supplement or the revolving speed of the principle axis. Generally speaking, the larger quantity of the mixed raw materials or the higher revolves speed of the principle axis, the smaller sizes of the fertilizer granules; and vice versa.
New Type Organic Fertilizer Dedicated Granulator Applications:
It is applied to granulate all kinds of organic raw materials, which turns the waste into treasures and follows the trends of the organic fertilizer development. This machine can help reduce the energy that is wasted in the drying process, because granules can be immediately screened after the granulation process. The purity of the organic fertilizer granules can reach as high as 100%, which makes the pure organic fertilizer production come true and meet the needs of the customers directly. The quality of the fertilizer granules can be ensured at the same time. So this machine is featured with low energy consumption, low production expenses and high production quantity and is considered as your best choice for pure organic fertilizer production.
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