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Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog



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Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog

Chamber Of Ageing To Simulate Salt Fog

Salt Spray Test Chamber/Technical parameters:
1.Resolution: 0.01 degree, 0.1% R.H
2.Temperature range: -100 degree ~ 200 degree
3.Humidity range: 10% ~ 99.9% R.H
4.the number of segments Program: Program 1200 with 120 groups memory segment
5.Each segment can also set the temperature, humidity, and time of operation can be repeated 999 times
6.Run the program has a standby, hops, hold functions
7.has a fixed value at the end timing shutdown and program functions
8.with reservations starting and stopping and failure prompts
9.thermometer: PT-1002 piece

Salt Mist Chamber/Use of materials
Cabinet Material: corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high strength PVC board
Inner box Material: imported corrosion-resistant, high strength PVC / imported corrosion-resistant, high strength, anti-aging, high temperature PP board
Cover material: imported corrosion-resistant, high strength transparent PVC / imported corrosion-resistant, high strength, high temperature transparent PC board
Other accessories: all stainless steel, copper or corrosion, high temperature materials
Standard configuration: rod, V-type sample holder pay the 1, 2 nozzles, funnels, measuring cylinder 2 sets
Safety protection: leakage, short circuit, over-temperature, water shortages, end of the trial, over current protection
Ambient temperature: 5 degree ~ +30 degree (=/<) 85% RH
Salt Test Chamber/Device Features
Digital display control system, you can choose to do continuous salt spray test;
Automatic / manual water system, low water level can be automatically added feature, the test is not interrupted;
Precision glass nozzle (PYREX) mist spread evenly and naturally fall on the specimen, and to ensure that no crystallization of salt blocks;
Salt corrosion testing machine with dual over-temperature protection, water shortage alert to ensure safety;
Use alphanumeric display temperature controller, PID control, error (+/-) 0.3 degree;
Laboratory using direct steam heating, heating up fast and evenly, reducing standby time;
Spray tower with conical diffuser, a guide fog, adjust the volume and even off the fog volume and other functions;

Body Material:
1.the test cell: high temperature HCPE board products 10mm.
2.the test tank superstructure: high temperature HCPE plate products 10mm.
3.machine shell: Imported PE board products in South 8mm, interlayer made of stainless steel skeleton to reinforce the overall test machine firmly and carrying capacity.
4.saturated barrel: 3mmSUS # 304 stainless steel, along with the water level device instructions.
5.the heater: the use of specialized custom titanium corrosion of heating pipes.
6.blowers: Use multiple airfoil strong Japanese Oriental Motor blower.

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Main ProductsSimulated Transportation Vibration Tester,Thermal Shock Chamber,Circulate Temperature Chamber
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