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Factory outlets EPDM foam strip (to map sample customized)



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Factory outlets EPDM foam strip (to map sample customized)

 Factory outlets EPDM foam strip (to map sample customized)
Material: EPDM Scope: doors and windows, automobiles, machinery, electrical appliances, refrigerators, containers, cabinets 
Manufacturers (Origin): Hebei Ho Chong are standard parts: standard parts 
Properties: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging purposes: dust seal, fixed seals, rotary seals, trim, soundproof seal, bumper strips, weatherproof seals, fire and smoke seals, oil seals, seal
EPDM seal strip microwave curing process forming a smooth surface appearance, with good flexibility and resistance to compression deformation, weathering resistance, ozone resistance, chemical-resistant and wide temperature range 
(-40 + 160), excellent performance, has been manufacturing a wide range of automotive applications, such as walls and windows of different shapes, different materials, or cold, heat, foam, solid body, as well as products can meet 
specific performance requirements design and use requirements. 
Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) foam seal 
1 lightweight. Toughness. Lightweight and has a strong toughness. 
2 insulation resistance, low thermal conductivity, strong insulation. 
3 has a cell structure in the non-absorbent, water absorption is very low. 
4 cushioning properties, excellent impact resistance, can be used as cushioning material. 
5 weather resistance, excellent weather resistance, EPDM-based ozone resistance test by the sponge (50pphm * 4.72 hours) 
1 Packaging Materials (precision machinery, medical equipment, furniture, glass and other cushioning material transport, small appliances with a protective cushioning materials, etc.) 
2 civil engineering, construction (residential with a large plate sealing materials, sealing materials for residential windows and doors, anti-shrinkage concrete pad material, an open channel caulking materials, various civil 
construction caulking materials, etc.) 
3 vehicles, vessels (door sealing materials, sealing materials luggage compartment, hood cushion, various pipe sealing materials, lighting sealing materials, engine shockproof materials, equipment category cushioning and sealing 
materials, etc.) 
4 insulation, thermal insulation (coolers and air conditioners use insulation sealing materials, sealing materials refrigerators and freezers, etc.) 
Moisture sealing material 5 noise, moisture (noise abatement sealing materials of various machinery and equipment, residential soundproofing wall sealing materials, all kinds of electrical appliances waterproof sealing materials, all 
kinds of machinery and equipment
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Company Weixian Hezhuang rubber sealing strip co., LTD Business modelManufacturer,Trading Company
Registered capitalUnfilled Year Established2004
LocationChina/Hebei Business TypeManufacturer (Manufacturer,Trading Company)
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Main businessMould Manufacturer / Other Mould  , Mould Manufacturer / Packing Vessel Mould  , 
Main Productsseal strip,rubber seal strip
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