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Anti-theft backpack protector



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Anti-theft backpack protector

 You may have to leave your backpack behind when you are traveling in some occasions. But it may be stolen. Many people worry about this problem. So how to solve it? We have manufactured specialized products to eliminate people's anxiety. That is stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector. Put your backpack in the stainless steel rope mesh, close it and lock it to a fixture that you think to be safe. The stainless steel rope mesh cannot prevent your backpack from being stolen absolutely, but it can reduce the risk of stolen. Because it is difficult for thieves to snatch up your backpack and run thanks to stainless steel rope mesh. They must damage it before taking away the backpack. However, it is a time-consuming task for them. The reason is that the stainless steel rope mesh is made of high quality stainless steel ropes. So thieves will not waste time on your protective backpack.
A small anti-theft backpack protector with a lock and three keys beside it.

Anti-theft backpack protector includes stainless steel rope mesh, lock and the corresponding keys, so you can lock it to a safe fixture to prevent the bag from being stolen.

A luggage is put into a stainless steel rope mesh which is locked to a pole.

stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector has various sizes, so it can be used to protect bags of different sizes and shapes.

A laptop is put in an anti-theft bag, which is fixed on a chair.

Anti-theft bag can protect the laptop from being stolen.

Two backpacks are put in anti-theft bags which is fixed on a stick.

stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector can reduce your pressure, can it can protect your backpacks from being stolen by locking them on a stick.


  • Light weight.
    Stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector is light, so it will not increase your burden when you are on the go.
  • High flexibility.
    The hole size and shape of stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector are modified, so it is very flexible. And it is not only used to protect backpack, but it is also used to protect other valuable bags, such as camera bag, laptop and luggage.
  • Soft but strong.
    Stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector has good softness, so it will not hurt hands. But it is hard for thieves to damage it thanks to its high strength.
  • Never rust and resistant to corrosion.
    Stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector is made of high quality stainless steel ropes, and it is resistant to corrosion and rust. What's more, it has long service life. Above all, it does not require maintenance.
  • Smooth surface and aesthetic appearance.
    Stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector has diamond-shaped openings and aesthetic appearance, so it will not make your bags ugly. Therefore, it is beautiful and practical.
The specification of stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector
Code Product dimension
SRMABP-01 2' × 5.5' × 4'
SRMABP-02 2' × 7.5' × 4.7'
SRMABP-03 6' × 4' × 2'
SRMABP-04 13' × 9' × 4'
Products of any size can be manufactured according to customers' requirement.
Supplier information
Company hebeiBoegger Industrial Limited Business modelManufacturer
Registered capital50Ten thousandRMB Year Established1988
LocationChina/Hebei Business TypeManufacturer (Manufacturer)
BondPaid0.00 Yuan
Main businessMould Manufacturer / Building Materials Mould  , 
Main ProductsWorld wide
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