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  • Main products: Extra-safe storm & flood barrier. Super-dura welded gabion. Woven gabion. Gabion mattress. Gabion retaining wall. Gabion noise barrier. Accessories.
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Mesh Grease Filter


   Expanded, Knitted, Welded Wire Mesh Grease Filter

   Mesh Grease Filter
Mesh grease filter is a kind of range hood filter installed in a range hood for catching oil smoke and purifying the air. Mesh grease filter has knitted, expanded, welded stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized wire mesh panel and enclosed by either sturdy aluminum or galvanized frame. Handles can also be riveted on the frame for easy removal. Inside the grease filter, there are multiple layers of filtering strips to help accelerate the filtering speed at a minimum resistance.
Expanded aluminum mesh grease filter is enclosed by sturdy f<em></em>rames
Expanded mesh grease filter has expanded wire mesh panels and sturdy frames
Handled galvanized knitted wire mesh grease filter is fixed by aluminum f<em></em>rame
Wire mesh grease filter with handles provides easy removal and the holes on the bottom frame help drain oil smoke


  • Made of quality stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel welded, knitted, expanded wire mesh filtering pad and sturdy frames.
  • Rustproof and corrosion-resistant surface makes grease filters durable.
  • Withstand higher temperature in harsh environment.
  • Higher air purification, low resistance, good ventilation performance.
  • Convenient to assemble and remove with handles.
  • Easy to wash with flowing water and detergent.
  • Save electricity, no noise.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Economical in price.
Three mesh grease filter have expanded wire mesh and aluminum f<em></em>rame
Expanded mesh grease filters have dense expanded holes on panel and are strongly enclosed by aluminum frame
Mesh grease filter has expanded wire mesh and pull-handle on the right
An aluminum mesh grease filter and high-density holes on panels for catching oil


  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel.
  • Filter depth: 23mm - 50mm.
  • Construction: knitted, welded, expanded style pad and aluminum frame.
  • Handle style: bail handles (the main style), lock handle, rigid handles, pull-and-push handles.
  • Rated velocity: 2.5m/s.
  • Initial resistance at RV (Pa): 22 - 37.
  • Package: packed in plastic films and then into carton with five to six mesh grease filters.
  • Purification efficiency: 90% - 96%.
Mesh Grease Filter Specification
Code number Actual size (W × H) (mm) Airflow rate (m3/s)
MGF-01 242 × 242 0.15
MGF-02 289 × 289 0.21
MGF-03 293 × 293 0.19
MGF-04 369 × 369 0.34
MGF-05 394 × 394 0.39
MGF-06 395 × 394 0.40
MGF-07 445 × 216 0.24
MGF-08 445 × 445 0.50
MGF-09 495 × 241 0.29
MGF-10 495 × 394 0.46
MGF-11 495 × 495 0.58
MGF-12 594 × 594 0.91
MGF-13 598 × 598 0.85
MGF-14 620 × 394 0.30
MGF-15 620 × 495 0.77

Mesh grease filters are commonly installed in standard range hood. They are usually used in domestic kitchen, commercial restaurant kitchen for catching grease oil.

Mesh grease filters require cleaning regularly. It is recommended to be cleaned once a week. When cleaning the grease filter, it can be soaked in hot water, washed by flowing water or washed in automatic dishwasher.

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Main ProductsExtra-safe storm & flood barrier. Super-dura welded gabion. Woven gabion. Gabion mattress. Gabion retaining wall. Gabion noise barrier. Accessories.
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