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artificial CVD plates


CVD synthetic diamond  (also known as Chemical vapor deposition diamond) is pure diamond polycrystalline structure ,no metal binder .Our CVD diamond is used for precision cutting tools.

Applications of CVD diamond plates:

CVD diamond is used for semi-finishing, finishing, super finishing and continuous cutting of ultra precision cutting tools. In addition, the CVD diamond is also used for other high-tech applications (such as diamond dresser, wire drawing die, electronics,optical window, heat spreader and gem stone industry, etc).

Advantages of CVD diamond plates:

High transmission,Good Thermal stability and chemical stability.. It is the best replacement of natural diamond .

CVD diamond has low surface roughness and good cutting edge compared to PCD tools.

CVD diamond has higher wear resistance than PCD and other diamond materials.

The thermal conductivity of CVD diamond is 50% higher than PCD.

Good hardness and long life exceed HPHT and natural diamond.

The specification of CVD diamond plates :

length * width * thickness (mm)

1 * 1 * 1

2 * 2 * 1

3 * 3 * 1

4 * 4 * 1

5 * 5 * 1

6 * 6 * 1

7 * 7 * 1

8 * 8 * 1

9 * 9 * 1

10 * 10 * 1

11* 11 * 1

12 * 12 * 1

Description of CVD diamond:



CVD diamond round




thickness: 0.2*1.5mm


CVD diamond dresser bar







Dressing tools

CVD diamond Wafers

Diameter: up to 120mm

Avaliable polish: single side or double side


CVD diamond Heat Spreaders



Thickness: 0.2*0.8 mm²

Avaliable polish: single side or double side

Cooling of High-Power Electronic Devices. e.g: Laser Diodes

CVD diamond Cubes/Block



dressing tools

CVD diamond Die Blanks

Shape: Hexagon

Inscribed circle Dimension*Thickness(mm² )

1.5*0.7, 1.5*0.8, 2.0*0.8, 2.0*1.0


Drawing die

CVD diamond / WC piece


Thickness: 1.6mm

diamond layer thickness:


Angle*Side Length:

90º*4.5mm, 80º*4.5mm, 70º*4.5mm, 35º*4.5mm

Machining non-ferrous,plastics, and composite materials


1). CVD dress bar

With excellent thermal properties, CVD diamond dresser is supplied as small durable "bars" , which integrate well into traditional dresser manufacturing techniques.

Its polycrystalline nature means there is no requirement for special orentations to be set.

Since dressing ability is unaffected by the diamond orientation in the dressing tool

Single crystal CVD diamond plates

2). CVD diamond Cubes

Widely used in making wheel dresser

Single crystal CVD diamond plates

Single crystal CVD diamond platesSingle crystal CVD diamond plates

3). CVD compound

Adopts the high qulity fine size CVD diamond, welded them hard with WC to make high precision machine tools.

It is close to crystal diamond in luminance and life time of cutting tools.

4). CVD Diamond Wafer

The thick film-supported CVD diamond material can be used in machine cutters, diamond dressers,

diamondwire drawing die blanks, electronic components heat spreaders and other fields.

5). CVD diamond Heat Spreaders

Single crystal CVD diamond plates

 Why choose our product

More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd is dedicated to finding solutions that help our clients in all markets succeed. More SuperHard has been manufacturing high-quality, competitively priced superabrasive diamond and cbn tools that are designed to perform in a wide range of industrial ,such as pcd tools grinding, natural diamond polishing, auto parts processing , thermal spray coated industry, optical glass, semicon and led industry, woodworking tool , cnc tool grinding and roll machining ,others ultral precision industry.

The company production and sales of products covered vitrified bond tools, resin bond tools, metal bond tools, electroplated diamond/cbn tools, vaccum brazed products, cvd diamond tools, polycrystalline diamond (pcd) tools, cubic boron nitride (cbn) tools.our objective is to meet all the customers’ needs and help every customer achieve maximum benefits.  more brings in revenue for you, you win, we win!

More SuperHard supplies the wheels for several application mainly:

1.Carbide round tools on cnc machines : flute grinding, gash grinding, end facing, clearance angle and cylindrical grinding .

2. Insert grinding for machines such as: agathon, wendt, haas, waida and ewag.

3.Woodworking saw blade and tools .

4.Hss tools

5.Cutting wheels


Our product’s advantages:

1.High grinding efficiency

2.Wonderful edge quality

3.Long service life

4.High polishing efficiency

5.Large Exports

6.Considerable after-sell service

7.Amazing performance

8.Various types and sizes available

9.Direct Factory Manufacturer

10.Backing/substrate material: Aluminum

11.Abrasive layer: diamond

12.Bond: vitrified

13.Excellent cutting edges

14.Reduced cycle times

15.Custom Engineered

 CVD synthetic diamond plate Alisa@moresuperhard.comCVD synthetic diamond plate Alisa@moresuperhard.com (4)CVD synthetic diamond plate Alisa@moresuperhard.com (3)CVD synthetic diamond plate Alisa@moresuperhard.com (2)


If you have any questions, please contact us

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